If you do not already have Linux installed on your computer, you can either install it along-side your other operating system (dual-boot), or you can run Linux inside a virtual machine.

  • Download Virtual Box for your system.
  • Get and unzip the Ubuntu Linux image that already contains the CMurfs and Naoqi software from the Crayfish server:
  • Start the virtual machine by opening Ubuntu 11.04.vbox
  • The username is ubuntu and the password is cmrobobits
  • In the lower-right corner of the Virtual Box window, right click (click on Macs) on the icon that looks like two computers and select Network Adapters. Change to the Adapter 2 tab and set Name to your wired ethernet adapter. Click OK.
  • In the virtual machine, open a terminal and type:
cd CMRoboBits
git remote set-url origin ssh://

where user is your username

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