• SSH into crayfish:
  • Create a directory to store your repository:
mkdir myrepo

(replace myrepo with your desired name in these instructions)

  • Initialize repositiory:
cd myrepo
git init --bare
  • To allow others to access your repository:
chmod -R a+w .

On your computer

git remote add myrepo ssh://
git push myrepo master

The last line "push"es the content of your local repository to the one on the server. Other members of your group can use the repository by:

git remote add myrepo ssh://
git pull myrepo master

Group members can then commit changes to the repository by:

git add <filename>
git commit -m "Insert a witty message explaining your changes here"
git push myrepo master

and other members can retrieve the changes by

git pull myrepo master

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